Competitions - Competition Dances


These are the competition dances for all events leading up to British 2007. One dance per division will change after British, for the New Year. If you have trouble accessing these scripts or require a different format, please email . Thanks!


Please note that you must follow these official Masters step sheets, failure to do so may result in dancing an incorrect vanilla and therefore harming your chances on the competition floor.

(NC) Non Country,(C) Country.


:: Do Dat Dance
Reet Petite
:: Lost Feelings

:: Cry to Me
:: Waltz With Me
:: Temptation

:: Sho'Nuf
:: Whirlwind Waltz
:: Chilly Cha Cha

:: Sailaway Cha
:: Hands to Yourself
:: Unbelievable

:: 6, 8, 12  
:: 2 Hell and Back

:: Backstreet Attitude 

:: Soul Sister
:: Angel

:: Tush

:: Inside Your Heaven
:: Rubitin
:: So Fine Cha

:: Don't Phunk with my Cha
:: New York State of Mind
:: Reckless Abandon

:: "This Cat's on a Hot Tin Roof" - Brian Setzer Orchestra (NC)


:: Teen Duos Music

:: "Candyman" - Christina Aguilera (NC)


:: "This Will Be" - Natalie Cole (NC)


:: "Let's Get Loud" - Jennifer Lopez (NC)